Bo: January 2013 update

On Friday (1/11) Bo was admitted to KU Med. Again. He managed to stay home for exactly one week after his last hospital stay (due to vomiting)  The virus, I think, took out every Macan kid at one point or another last week so Carolyn had a house full of sickies.

This time around Super Bo is having a really rough go of it. Here are the texts Carolyn has sent:

Saturday, January 12, 9:23 pm
Today has been rough! 103.9 fever, oxygen at 80 reps a minute. If tonight doesn’t go better they will move us to the PICU and then…I’m not sure what! His blood sugar is totally out of whack so they don’t want to put him on more steroids. Boo.

Sunday, January 13, 10:39 am
They are starting him on a second antibiotic hoping it will help. I am hoping today will get better every hour! I am hoping it’s better than yesterday!!! 🙂 It could be worse. Just glad we are here!

Monday, January 14, 8:10 am
Here is where we stand: last night sucked. The pneumonia has moved to his lower left lung. He was struggling so they did 9 albuterol treatments* on him. His oxygen is still 87% and he is on 4 liters of oxygen! As soon as they get a bed open they are moving us to the PICU. He is finally asleep! I just talked to our immunologist. She is canceling her 7:30 appointment and is coming here.

First time out of bed in three days.

Snuggles with Cousin Baylee.


Please send all the good thoughts, healing juju, and prayers you can to Bo. I will update when I hear more from Carolyn.


*Note:  albuterol is an inhaled bronchodilator (not a steroid) that is supposed to relax the muscles and increase air flow to the lungs (my daughter has asthma). That’s a lot of breathing treatments.

Show your support for Super Bo

Leksi’s cheerleading squad, the North Indians (through FCCJC) are selling bracelets for $5 each in support of Bo and the Macan family.

One side of the bracelet says “Macan It Happen”

The other side of the bracelet says Super Bo.

They will be available for purchase Saturday, September 15 and Saturday, September 22 at Heritage Park. The girls will also be selling Super Bo pins and Macan It Happen t-shirts. More information about the booth location will be available closer to the event dates.

Pins are $12 each or 2 for $20.




T-shirts are $20 each and available in children and adult sizes.


Proceeds from all sales will go to the Macan family to help with Bo’s medical expenses.
If you’re unable to make it out to Heritage Park and would like to purchase a bracelet, pin, or t-shirt please click on the DONATION link on the right side of this page. Before you complete your donation, in the Special Instructions field, please be sure to add what you’re ordering. If you’re ordering a t-shirt, please include the size. If you’re ordering a pin, please say which pin (shield or ribbon) you want.

Thank you for Macan It Happen!

The Great Poop Watch of 2012: Update #2


Here’s Carolyn’s exact text: Ok we have chunky poop!!!!!!!! Yay!! Surgery is postponed! They will do a slow g tube feed to see if he can tolerate it!

That’s the good great super awesome news.

But, of course, this is Bo and Bo likes to keep it interesting. Friday night his heart rate was low and the EKG results were not good. At 1 am Friday night/ Saturday morning Bo was moved to the PICU to have his heart rate monitored for an hour. His heart rate was still low but they moved him from the PICU back to his room. Carolyn’s fear, obviously, is that there is a rogue piece of the old port floating around his body. As of now they’re waiting for the cardiologist to place Bo on a heart monitor for 24-hours.

Hopefully, everything is okay. Hopefully, Bo will keep pooping and tolerate his g-tube feed. Hopefully all six Macans will be under one roof soon.


The Great Poo Watch of 2012

Bo still hasn’t pooped.

Carolyn said that they’re going to continue giving him enemas every 12 hours until Sunday night. If that doesn’t work he will likely have surgery first thing Monday morning to remove the blockage. Thoughts and prayers for Bo to have a bowel movement SOON are a good idea right about now* and please keep Bo, Carolyn, and the Macan family in your thoughts this weekend. This isn’t easy on any of them.

*Why, yes, that is one of the oddest sentences I’ve ever typed.

Mini update

As most of you know, Bo is back at KU Med.

Bottom line: our tiny super hero needs to poop as his intestine is totally impacted. In spite of having five enemas, two gallons of GoLYTELY, and 112 dirty diapers at KU Med (since last Wednesday), he’s still only pooping water and very sick.

Taking a break from his hospital room for a bit.

(On the upside: his port is still working!)

Carolyn is having a hard time getting updates up due to the internet security measures at the hospital. In the meantime, please send healing thoughts and prayers to Bo.



I am so incredibly excited for tomorrow. It is our fervent hope and desire that the Bone Marrow Donor Drive in honor of Bo has a huge turn-out.

Just to remind you it will be at Roesland Elementary, 4900 Parish Drive in Roeland Park, KS, from 9 am to 2 pm in the gym.

To keep the kids entertained a moonwalk is being provided by Creative Carnivals (thank you to Connie and Sondra for making that happen), fabulous Elizabeth from Sister Act Face Painting will be there to work her face painting magic from 10-1 (thank you MJ!). Small Scale Films and Emerald Exotics will have an amazing menagerie of reptiles and amphibians (thanks to Dan Krull and Alejandro Lozano). I’ve also heard rumors of delicious cookies…

Even if you’re already on the donor list, drop by and make a donation to Be The Match and you’ll be registered to win a Rendezvous Package at the Raphael Hotel (including an exquisite meal at Chaz) on the Plaza (thank you to Kathryn Phillips and The Raphael). And if you’re not on the donor list? What are you waiting for? Swing by tomorrow and get swabbed!